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How to transfer your Netflix recording to iOS

How to transfer your Netflix recording to iOS                                                    

If you then want to transfer the .MOV file to your iPhone or iPad, we would suggest converting it into MP4 before transferring it over. (Although it might just be easier to download the Netflix content onto your iPhone or iPad to start with).
Apowersoft provide an in-built .MOV to MP4 converter, which works very efficiently and is perfect for iOS devices.
In order to use it, simply hit the ‘Convert’ icon on the recorder and you’ll be presented with another window. Through this other window, locate your file by navigating to your saved location and click on it to import it.
You’ll then be able to convert it to MP4; remember to choose your output file location. The process might take some time if your file is large and quite long, but once it’s completed you’ll get a popup informing you that the process is complete. You can now enjoy the content on your iOS devices!
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