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If he tells these 5 secrets about himself, then he truly loves you

Are you in love right now or are just starting a relationship? Are you wondering if your partner is reciprocating your feelings too?

You’av completely fallen in love with someone and you are already on cloud nine. You feel that everything is perfect and that he is really right for you.

You want to spend every second with him and you can’t believe how overjoyed you are. But there is one question left in the back of your mind the whole time: Does he really love you?

If this question could be answered just like that, our lives would probably be a lot easier. Well, no one, except of course himself, will be able to answer that question. But there are some signs to watch out for as they indicate that he has real feelings for you.

If he tells you these 5 secrets about himself, then you can assume that he really loves you! Because he will only reveal them if he trusts you completely and wants you by his side.

5. The most embarrassing thing he has ever experienced
Nobody wants to be laughed at or make a fool of themselves in front of others. But sometimes embarrassing things happen to us. Even the coolest man is going to have to go through an embarrassing experience. We humans all deal with it differently. Most people, especially men, try to bury these experiences very deeply and simply forget them in the hope that no one would ever talk about them again. A man will only share the most embarrassing experiences with someone he really trusts. Because quickly this could scratch his ego and make him look weak.

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