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Irregular periods: 7 superfoods that can induce menstruation

For most women, periods mostly work like clockwork. However, there can be times your period cycle may be later than usual.

High stress levels, unorderly eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and hormonal changes can be blamed. Or, there could be times a woman wants to get her periods earlier than usual.

While fertility treatments, medicines can sometimes help regulate a cycle, they may not always be the preferred choice. In lack of it, altering your diet is one of the safest way to naturally regulate your cycle.

There are also some foods which promise benefits of inducing menstruation, naturally. Women suffering from PCOD and PCOS are often also asked to include some natural fertility boosters and period inducing foods to correct their hormonal trouble.

So the next time you are in the search for a solution to solve your period woes, be sure to rely on these food options. Check them below!

7. Papaya
Papaya is considered to be nature’s remedy to treat period irregularities. Papaya contains a rich source of carotene, which helps speed up the production of oestrogene in the body, which in turn, can induce periods.

Further, papaya is known to cause contractions in the uterus and helps shed the uterine lining, which can bring periods earlier as well. If you want to regulate your periods, consider having a serving regularly. Papaya juice or extract may also be utilized.

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