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Mention One Song That Has Helped You Get Through These Sad Times (Mine Is Olamide’s Woyo)

The past two weeks have been depressing for a lot of people. For me, I’ve used music to heal and reinvigorate my health.

Seeing those videos was crazy man. Blood scenes of people shot by the police, parents crying over their children and the massacre that happened at Lekki Toll gate.

I tried crying, but the tears won’t come. It was an all time low seeing fellow Nigerians undergo pain and suffering.

I had to find something to make me happy. And music came as that soothing balm.

Olamide’s Woyo came as the befitting choice. The soft, gentle piano melodies serving as the perfect medium for Olamide to sway in with stories I could relate to.

For many, they listened to playlists and might have a different choice.

I want to know guys,

What’s That Song That Has Helped You Get Through These Sad Times?

Let’s know what song you’ve been listening to?

Drop your comments.

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