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NL ALBUM REVIEW! Simi’s “RESTLESS II” Shines Through With Exceptional Storytelling (Here’s Our Say On It)

Simi Ft. Ms Banks – There For You

On Restless II, Simi documents the issues that go on in most relationships. With her trademark soothing vocals, the project is a short film about the good and bad times we experience when we fall in love.

Simi has always that gift of distilling her experiences into her songs. It’s what endeared her to us, the emotions her music wielded. Here’s someone opening up about her emotions and they were relatable like it happened to us

Her first offering for the year, Duduke grew on to be a staple. One that saturated around the country during the quarantine.

But what has she embedded in Restless II?

1. No Longer Beneficial

The project opens up with No Longer Beneficial where Simi is hollering. In her usual sound signature, she complains. The tale centers on a friend who wants to be more than a friend with Simi.

But she doesn’t feel the same way. He seeks a relationship, but hey, his persistence pisses Simi who sings frustratingly: “So why you now taking things so serious/Making it so tedious for me/Well I ain’t tryna be more than friends”

And Simi is us sometimes. We’ve had friends who we were cool with but relations got strained when they started becoming obnoxious with us.

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Friends who will call, text but unfortunately we don’t feel the same way with them. But rather than play games with this person, Simi is honest and outspoken about her feelings.

2. There For You

The gentle piano keys and laid back drums set the template for Simi’s trademark soothing vocals. There’s a new love interest and this time Simi is hooked.

And with verses depicting assurance, she simply tells her man, she’ll be there. It’s like she and her man are exchanging marital vows but only hers is heard here.

3. City Lights

One becomes sunken into Simi’s emo-world. She’s finally in love, and she sings in a heartwarming manner about this new guy she’s become obsessed with. The beat, a slow-tempo mix of clicky percussion, and piano melodies assist Simi to flow smoothly.

She’s relaxed, surprised at how she’s fallen in love. It’s her dream man, and she describes her feelings: I never thought I’d ever love/Somebody much as I love you

4. Triggered

A sharp twist has developed. The new-found guy Simi has fallen in love with is cheating. She’s frustrated, and this news has triggered the anger in Simi.

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She blurts out, asking questions and devaluing her man: boy you weren’t worth the hype.

Anyone who has been cheated on will feel the same way. Angry, frustrated, and filled with rage. Curse words will follow and blames will be traded. That’s what has happened on “Triggered”.

5. Undeserving

With infidelity, Simi is considering walking away from the relationship. Now they keep having issues, day after day.

The attention has dwindled and there seems to be no feeling of love any longer. For Simi, it hurts she’s put her all into this and her man doesn’t reciprocate. He’s undeserving of her love.

On this, she complains about it to her man, expressing her state of mind: You still don’t deserve me no/You’re still undeserving of my love eh

6. Bites The Dust

Here comes the climax to the love tale Simi has treated us to. She sets her man up and unfortunately, he takes the bait.

Adekunle Gold and Simi the characters in this story trade lyrics, blaming each other and asking questions over the moody, emotional beat.

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The best part that signals the relationship is over is when Adekunle Gold says, “AG Baby is not your baby”

Final Thoughts

Simi might be a married man but on this, she weaves tales about the drama that goes on in relationships. About the people, we don’t want but keep disturbing us. The times we fall in love and feel this is real. The times we discovered our partner has been cheating on us, thereby betraying our feelings and making us blame ourselves for trusting and loving someone so much.

She’s therefore restlessRestless from the issues that keep recurring. It’s these issues she sings about. Detailing her encounters into these tracks and surely these are relatable tales.

Restless II might not be mind-blowing but it’s her vivid storytelling that makes this, a decent project.

What’s Your Opinion About RESTLESS II?

An Impressive Project Or Could Have Been Better?

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