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Original Santa Vs Nigerian Father Christmas. These 10 Differences Are So Hilarious

It’s so hilarious that Nigerians are good at copying things from other nations but never copy it right. We are a very special breed of people that will always find a way to do it our own way– the very awkward way.
The same thing happened with copying Santa Claus, which is a common feature of the Christmas celebrations all around the world. Father Christmas is our version of Santa Claus. While it used to be fun for children to see the Father Christmas, it has, recently, become a ridiculed practice as the organisers of Father Christmas shows in Nigeria now only create Father Christmas that deviates from the original version.

Here are other common things a typical Father Xmas will do differently from the original Santa Claus

1. Nigerian Father Christmas get high before the show with kids. I mean, it’s a show with kids, not a concert.

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