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Simple tricks that helps you cook faster

A good number of people find cooking a waste of time. They prefer going out to make a purchase of their own food. Some people make little effort by going into cooking fast foods. All these things comes from the fact that cooking a good food usually waste time.

Because of these, people who are diabetic or hypertensive go into foods they shouldn’t. Such people are on special diets and should make their own food themselves to suit their taste.

There is no more reason to worry about time wasting. Here are just few reasons that can help you make food faster.

3. Use salt water to cook.

When I say salt water I don’t mean the one on the seas. This simply means adding salt to your water when boiling.This is important because research has shown that salt tends to increase the boiling point of a substance. Salt is an impurity thereby it raises the pH of the mixture thereby increasing its temperature.

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