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Singer; Harry Song One Needs To Heal From Within Before Finding Love

Nigerian singer, Harry songs has taken to his social media page, where he bore his thought about finding love. According to Harry, if you do not heal from within, you will be toxic to everyone around you.

Sometimes, we go about telling ourselves how one person or the other let us down and broke our hearts when sometimes, we are the ones behind our own problems, and this is why we need to take a break and do some self-examination.

Finding love may not be that difficult after all if only we take some time out to heal properly from within and let go.

Harry wrote “Until you heal yourself you will be toxic to anyone who tries to love you. No be everybody’s body hurt u. No be everybody breaks ur hearts. No be everybody abuses u. Don’t die in that darkness, let go and live again. Time no dey mumu”

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