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These 5 zodiac signs are extremely unpredictable

Monotony can be quite boring and so can be a dull and predictable life. To overcome the monotony and boredom, there are some people who live a life full of thrills and ups and downs.

They never do anything predictable and expected and believe in living on the edge. But such unpredictable people do not have something called a confidante or a comfortable and stable life.

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Due to their unpredictable nature, people do not trust them and they fail to make long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

Here are 5 such zodiac signs who are extremely unpredictable and temperamental.

5. Gemini
They want to do something new all the time. To fulfil this desire, they tend to have too much on their plate which makes them forget some things and makes them unreliable and undependable.

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