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Top 10 affordable Laptops you can get in South Africa

We are living in the digital age, and everyone of us needs a proper device to connect with the rest of the world. Laptops are one of the gadgets that have come in handy when it comes to doing both professional and personal businesses.

Depending on the kind of laptop you want, the price can be quite steep. Having noted that though, some of our local stores like Takealot, Game Stores, Macro, and others do run specials every now and then.

Check out some of the most affordable, yet reliable laptops you can get in South Africa:

10. Mobicel Excite
14 Inch Screen Size, 2GB RAM Memory, 32GB ROM Memory, 0,3MP Camera, 8000mAh Battery, 6-8 Hours Endurance, Office Use, Windows 10, USB BT Expuntable wired/ Wireless Support. Price R 3,549.

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