Top 10 Haunted Cities In The World

There are many haunted cities in the world just as there are many peaceful cities also. These haunted cities are filled with lots of haunted houses, cemeteries, legends of ghosts, vampires, and gruesome murders. Curious to know the cities? Let’s roll…


  1. Estes Park, Colorado

The first on our list of top 10 haunted cities in the world is Estes Park, Colorado. Estes Park, Colorado, seems like nothing special at first sight, but if you ever plan to visit, don’t stay in one of the city’s countless haunted hotels. Apart from the Baldpate Inn, which is said to house the ghosts of its founders, Estes Park’s most famous haunted hotel is the Stanley Hotel. A beautiful hotel with a view of the Rocky Mountains, it helped to inspire Stephen King’s novel, The Shining. When King visited the hotel, he reported seeing ghostly children and a party in the ballroom featuring “otherworldly guests.” The Stanley was founded in 1909 and was Colorado’s first hotel with electricity. During a thunderstorm in 1911, the lights went out, and a chambermaid was sent to light the gaslights. A gas leak caused a massive explosion when she stepped into room 217. The woman survived and continued to work at the Stanley until her death. She is now said to haunt the hotel room. She reportedly folds visitors’ clothes and stacks them away

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