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Top 5 richest pastors in South Africa & net worth (2021)

When we talk about the richest men in South Africa, what comes into our minds are the likes of Nicholas F. Oppenheimer, Johann Rupert, Koos Bekker.

In the South African religious setting we also have pastors who are very wealthy and are very popular.

These popular men of God have a lot of luxury which includes fancy cars and ownership of empires that cost millions of Rands. They have built a reputation for themselves and are very popular all over the world.

5. Pastor Ray Macaulay – Net Worth $28 Million
Ray McCauley is a popular South African Senior Pastor of Rhema Bible Church. He is President of the International Federation of Christian Churches, co-chair of the National Interfaith Council of South Africa.

Ray McCauley is based in South Africa. He received his pastoral training in 1979 and he started his church afterwards with his family. He has a net worth of about $28 million.

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