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VALENTINE: Clergyman, Mike Bamiloye Bares Thoughts Concerning Valentine

Nigerian Clergyman, Mike Bamiloye has taken to his social media page, via Instagram, where he bore his thoughts as regards Valentine’s celebration.

As stated by Mike Bamiloye,February, 2021, is the day many will slaughter their destinies on the bed of lustful pleasure.

Today is all they have been waiting for,
The way they always wait for it Year in, Year Out.
The Day known by Heaven and Hell
And Known Among the Forces of Darkness.
The Day the Heaven Weeps Yearly,
The Day the Hell Wines and Dines at their Harvests.
The Day Destinies and Souls are Harvested into Agony Camps.
The Day Destinies of young men and women are shredded into an Ungatherable Pieces.
It is Valentinous Day!

Souls of men are sold for a Price of Pizza.
Glorious Futures are Mortgaged for a Price of Donut.
Lives are exchanged for Deaths and
Virginities are gambled away at the price of iPhones.

It is Valentinous Day!
Ignoble Spirits of the Rivers and Oceans the World over
Are migrating to the Club Houses and Parties to mingle with the Sons and Daughters of Men.
This Evening, Marine Spirits and Spirits of the Forests in Human forms would wine and dine with the Men and women.

Demonic Spirits from Marine world would come from the belly of the Ocean Kingdoms with gifts for their girl and boy friends.

Many would sleep on the same bed tonight with ghosts and spirits from Demonic kingdoms who had come to make vows and covenants with the sons and daughters of men.
Blood would flow tonight.
Blood shall be exchanged tonight on Covenant Beds.
Fluids of men shall be submitted tonight in the shrines of evil kingdom .
The fortunes and destinies of many young girls and Ladies would end up tonight in Shrines of Money Rituals.
Destinies and fortunes and Meaningfulness of life shall be polluted this evening and
Many shall wake up empty and Shallow and Light,
Because they have been plundered and
All their Treasures have been stolen.
Because it is the Day of Valentine!

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