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Watch Adorable Moment Cardi B let Daughter, Kulture Do Her Make Up That Ended In A Disaster || Watch Video

Cardi B’s face ends up messy after she let her 2-year-old daughter, Kulture Kiari apply makeup on her mouth and eyes. The hilarious aftermath will have you rolling on the floor.

Kulture has definitely watched her mom do her own makeup a gazillion times and it looked like she thought she had learned some makeup skill.

Fortunately, her 28-year-old mom let her use her own face as a practice board and this did not end up so good.

The very calm WAP (Wet Ass Pussy) crooner, was patient enough to let Kulture have her way and the result made Cardi look like she had been bruised up in an accident.

Above all, it is great to know that Cardi B and her daughter have enough time to spend together, despite her busy schedule.

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