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What to do if you have pain at the injection site

COVID vaccine roll-out has begun in most countries and in India, booster shots have been scheduled for the ones who received the vaccine in the first place.

A week post vaccination (usually after the second shot) is the time most people begin to experience pain and other dreaded side-effects. Right now, a lot of us have also heard about what to expect, or the side-effects of inoculation from personal accounts or experience.

02/7Worried about developing side-effects?
Worried about developing side-effects?
While side-effects with vaccines are temporary (and a good indicator), fear can push people away. It can also be harder for the ones who have a lower pain threshold to deal with them. The good news? There are some easy ways to minimize them.

Suffering from side-effects should be no reason to scared of getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

If you are worried, or just a little more sensitive to inflammatory reactions, we tell you some of the best ways to keep yourself safe.


03/7What to do if you have pain at the injection site
What to do if you have pain at the injection site
Since the vaccines being used right now are intramuscular vaccines, experiencing some pain or firmness at the injection site (forearm) is natural. Pain is a temporary reaction since a foreign body enters our body. While there’s nothing major to worry about, one way to lessen your symptoms is to apply icepacks which or use cold water therapy on the injection site. This will effectively cool down inflammation, minimize any pain you might be experiencing. Using natural pain relievers such as these could also cut down the risk of medicinal reactions.

Another way to increase movement in your arm and tame down stiffness is by exercising. Try moving your arm around in gentle, repeated motions. This could help cut down localized inflammation and any muscle aches which might be causing pain.

There’s also a way to lessen down your risk of developing reactions or muscular pain, which is by choosing the arm to get vaccinated in. This is what a lot of people have been currently trying.

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