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What to do if your man remains too close to his ex

Most times your partner would have a past; previous relationships that did not work out for reasons best known to him and the other girl[s].

There is an unending debate on whether people should be friends with their exes. On this, the belief of this writer is that inasmuch as the friendship will not interfere with one’s new relationship, there’s nothing bad in being civil with an ex.

It’s okay if your boyfriend is quite cool with his ex. This is someone with whom he once had something beautiful, with whom he probably thought he would spend forever.

Even with things not working out between them as expected, the other lady still forms part of his history and experiences and if your boyfriend chooses to stay connected, trying to deny him of that would be selfish, insensitive and portray you as being insecure.

Allowing your man stay friends with his ex should be done warily though. Take this woman for example, who says her boyfriend’s ex is trying to make him see reason why she, the present girlfriend, is not good for him!

Obviously such ex has become too close and if you ever find yourself in a situation as this or anything remotely close, you should demand your boyfriend cut all ties with such babe. Immediately.

Other times when you should ask him to cease communicating with an ex are:

4. If he’s meeting her secretly, no matter how innocent he swears the meeting was, you should put a stop to it.

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